Lifetime Pet Insurance

What does lifetime cover mean?

A ‘Lifetime’ policy with Animal Friends Pet Insurance means that any one illness or condition is covered up to the policy’s condition limit (which refreshes annually upon renewal) meaning you can claim up to that limit each policy year for that specific condition.*

Which of our policies offer lifetime cover?

We have three lifetime pet insurance policies available for you to choose from; our Superior policy has an annual condition limit of £2,000, our Superior Plus policy has an annual condition limit of £4,000 and our Prestige policy has an annual condition limit of £6,000. So, depending on which policy you take out with us, you will have cover of up to £2,000, £4,000 or £6,000 per policy year for each separate unrelated condition.*

More information about our lifetime policies.

In addition to veterinary fees, our lifetime policies also offer a range of other policy benefits. To view these head to our Superior, Superior Plus and Prestige policy pages for dogs, or our Superior, Superior Plus and Prestige policy pages for cats.

For any further queries about our lifetime policies our Sales team are available on 0344 55 70 300.

*All limits are subject to an excess. A co-payment will be applied to condition and policy limits for dogs over the age of 8 and cats over the age of 10.