Horse Insurance

Why Buy Insurance For Your Horse?

Here at Animal Friends Insurance, our specialist equine team is available to help you through every stage of taking out insurance for your horse. Our team is made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable equine professionals who, above all else, are horse lovers through and through. As a result, we understand that owning an equine is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and you will naturally want to do everything you can to ensure your new best friend is as protected as possible. The easiest way to protect against unforeseen circumstances is to take out an insurance policy for your new equine. We believe that everyone should have some form of insurance cover for their equine, and we offer a range of policies for you to choose from. Our horse insurance policies provide cover for veterinary fees, and have the option to ‘bolt on’ a range of additional covers of your choice.

It may seem like an additional expense, but consider insurance as a way to protect your finances, companion, and hobby. Our specialist in-house knowledge of the equine industry allows us to offer a range of policies which can be tailored to suit your needs. We offer a range of policies to suit all types of horse and rider, from the retired horse at grass, the show horse, and the rider without a horse of their own. This ensures that all aspects of your hobby can be protected if required. The type of policy you choose is down to you, and the variety of additional choices we provide allow you to create your perfect policy. And don’t forget, donkeys are covered under our equine policies too! Just select donkey in the breed menu!

Our Equine insurance policies cover a range of situations you could face as a horse owner.

  • Our Standard Equine (for equines aged 30 days to 20 years) policies provide veterinary fees coverage of up to either £2000, £4000 or £6000 per condition for 365 days from the initial onset of a condition. This will include either a £250 or £500 excess depending on your chosen policy.
  • Our Mature Equine (for equines aged over 20 years) policies provide veterinary fees coverage for accidental injury of up to £2000 per injury for 365 from the initial onset, subject to a £125 excess.
  • Our third party public liability insurance cover provides cover up to £2 million subject to the excess depending on your chosen policy.
  • In addition, bolt on extras are available for your policy so that it can be tailored to suit your individual needs, including Death of Horse; Loss of Use; Loss by Theft or Straying; Tack cover; Trailer cover; and Personal Accident and Dental cover.

In addition, if you don’t own or loan your own horse, but still ride regularly, we offer a range of Rider Only policies to provide you with Personal Accident and Public Liability cover to ensure you are protected at all times. We offer a range of policies from young rider, to premium covers. These policies provide cover for Third Party Liability, Emergency Veterinary Fees, Personal Accident and Dental and more.

Remember: some competitions require you to be insured for third party liability. Some provide a minimal liability insurance policy included in the payment of the entry fee. Often the amounts and conditions of the provided insurance are limited and you may want to carry your own comprehensive or additional liability insurance to be sure you have enough.