Shy Lowen, meaning ‘Home of Happiness’ in Old English, is a sanctuary that follows the kindest and most compassionate training and rehabilitation methods possible as many of the horses come in after being neglected or abused.

The charity rehabilitates and rehomes (where possible) any equine in need and provides a safe haven for all those that are not able to be rehomed, sponsorship programmes are run for these particular horses to help with the cost of keeping them. Shy Lowen also offers a permanent loan agreement for people interested in adopting one of the horses that have been successfully rehabilitated and are ready to go to another home.

In addition to working with horses, Shy Lowen also tries to help humans via their ‘Equine Assisted Psychotherapy’ and ‘Equine Assisted Growth and Learning’ programmes, such programmes allow participants to grow and learn how to be part of society.

Animal Friends Pet Insurance donated £1,500 to Shy Lowen after they took part in the older version of our ‘Vote for a Charity’ competition.