Argyll Animal Aid was formed over 20 years ago by a small group of animal lovers who were concerned about the lack of an animal rescue centre in the Argyll area. Originally the group would take in animals and look after them in their own homes and continued to do this until Argyll Animal Aid became a registered charity in 1991. Since then the charity has gone from strength to strength and helps animals from Argyll, the Scottish mainland and its surrounding islands.

This charity receives no funding from the government and is kept running by the amazing support they receive from donations, as well as going to great efforts to raise funds and do what they can to always be there for the animals of Argyll. All of the money raised or donated goes completely on the animals while everyone who works for the charity does so out of their love for animals, they don’t get paid a penny.

Animal Friends Pet Insurance donated £2,000 to the charity in an effort to help with their expensive day-to-day costs that may mean little to some, but are huge for a charity of Argyll Animal Aid’s size.