Ways You Can Show You Love Your Pet

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and why not factor your pet into the celebrations? They love you unconditionally, so here are a few ways you can show your pet you love them.

Blame Someone Else Day


The first Friday the 13th of every year is known as Blame Someone Else Day. This event is attributed to a an American woman called Anne Moeller whose alarm clock failed to go off on the first Friday the 13th in 1982, setting off a series of unfortunate events for which she blamed other people. Perhaps it’s a slightly silly day but as pet owners I’m sure there’s been the odd occasion where we’ve blamed our four-legged friends for something we’ve done. We asked Animal Friends staff what they had Read More »

Happy Make a Friend Day!


Today is Make a Friend Day, so we thought we’d put together a fool-proof guide to helping your pet make new animal friends. Whether you’re getting a new cat, or you just want your dog to have a new play partner, here is a quick method to help you through the process.

Which Pets Can Be Microchipped?


Microchipping is usually associated with dogs and cats, yet many people don’t realise that other animals can also benefit from the procedure. Although it will be compulsory for dogs to be microchipped in England from 2016 onwards, any pet is at risk of going missing, and you never know what may happen. Here is a list of some of the many domestic animals that can be microchipped:

Animal Friends Donates £25,000 To The RSPCA


The West Hatch branch of the RSPCA care for an array of wildlife including owls, deer, seabirds, badgers and seals. The branch is currently struggling with the unprecedented number of seals that have come in for care this winter. This is after a private rehabilitation facility in Wales recently shut down.

Bulley the Dog Passes Away


We were very sad to hear that Bulley, our 2014 Rehomed Pet World Cup champion, has passed away after a battle with cancer.

10 Benefits of Adopting a Pet


Adopting a pet has many benefits, some of which you may have not considered. Here are some reasons why adopting a pet would benefit you and your family.

Introduction to spaying and neutering month!

With Winter almost at an end and the Spring on its way it’s the time of year when we start expecting to see lambs in the fields and hear baby birds chirping from their nests. It’s also one of the most popular times of year for people to welcome a new pet into their lives.

10 Animals you can Adopt from Rehoming Centres


If you are thinking about adopting a pet, it is worthwhile looking for your new companion at an animal shelter. As well as dogs and cats, other animals that you perhaps wouldn’t expect to find there are also waiting for a new home. Have a look at our list to see the sorts of animals available for adoption from shelters throughout the UK.

Animal Friends Wins Three Consumer Moneyfacts Awards


Last night Animal Friends staff members attended the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards at the London Marriott in Grosvenor Square.