Animal Friends Pet Insurance’s Ethos

Animal Friends Pet Insurance’s ethos is to be an ethical pet insurance company; by providing a wide range of pet insurance policies we are able to donate to and support thousands of animal welfare charities all over the world.

Our Aims

By working with charities and supporting worthy animal welfare projects worldwide, Animal Friends Pet Insurance will help improve the lives of animals; combat animal abuse and cruelty; assist in the protection of rare and endangered species; help conserve unique and vital habitats and assist local communities to protect and value their heritage.

Our Mission Statement

A commitment to providing cat, dog and horse insurance cover with a quality of service that will be remembered and recommended, whilst helping animal welfare charities worldwide and raising awareness of their work.

Our Core Values

  • To provide a positive environment that is motivated, energetic and committed.
  • To make a difference by supporting individuals and providing opportunities.
  • To openly provide information and create professional understanding about our insurance services.
  • To consistently improve our service to exceed the expectations of our customers and become the best pet insurer we can be.
  • To treat others as we would wish to be treated with respect, honesty and integrity.
  • To lead by example with progressive ideas to set us apart from our competitors.
  • To demonstrate commitment and support to animal welfare causes worldwide.