Cat Insurance Policies From Just £2.98*

There are many other situations in which you, as a cat owner, may need financial help and our insurance policy benefits ensure that you are covered in any unexpected situation. Cats are independent souls and can often get into scraps with other cats or sustain an injury as a result of being in an accident.

Why Do You Need Cat Insurance?

Animal Friends cat insurance policies offer much more than just cover for veterinary fees in the event of illness or injury. By taking out a cat insurance policy with us you will ensure that you can afford life-saving treatments immediately; this will help give you peace of mind when your cat is out roaming your neighbourhood.

Cats can often live up to 20 years and it is common that newcomers to pet insurance may want to insure an older cat. Whilst most pet insurance providers do not insure pets over the age of 8, at Animal Friends we insure pets of any age. Our cat policies are both competitive and comprehensive, giving you as the customer great security when it comes to your cat’s health. You can compare our cat insurance policies here.