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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

With rising vets fees having pet insurance is now a vital part of being a pet owner. Animal Friends is a pet insurance specialist that offers a wide range of policies.

*based on small cross breed dog in postcode CF11

**based on a moggie in postcode EX22

You can compare our different pet insurance policies to see what level of cover each different policy provides.

10% Multi Pet Cover: By insuring more than one pet with us you will receive a 10% discount.*

*Excludes Accident-Only, Basic and Rider policies

Pet Insurance Questions?

What is Lifetime Cover? Lifetime means that any one illness or condition is covered year after year up to a limit per condition that ‘refreshes’ annually upon renewal.

What is Non-lifetime Cover?  Non-lifetime means that any one illness or condition is covered for 365 days from the date the condition first manifested itself.

If you have any questions regarding the cover we offer for dogs, cats and horses or want to find out how much your pet insurance policy will cost, you can go to our frequently asked pet insurance questions, or you can call our customer services department on 0843 227 2770.

Pet Insurance Reviews

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