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Our Dog Insurance Policies

Giving a dog or puppy a new home is one of the most exciting challenges for any owner, and also the most rewarding. There is a lot to think about when bringing your new pet home – food, bedding, and routines for walkies among them – and of course dog insurance. Animal Friends can cover your dog or puppy and even provide full lifetime cover.

Insurance Made Easy

Dog Insurance keeps Cracker healthy

Your new pet will become a member of your family and their health is in your hands. By choosing Animal Friends you can help protect your dog or puppy very simply with our online quote system – and by insuring your dog with us you will also be helping support animal welfare all around the world.

Rescue centres and charities have seen a 50% increase in the number of cats and dogs brought in the last 5 years. Every policy sold helps us to donate much needed support and funds to animal welfare charities worldwide, so not only are you protecting your dog you’re also helping thousands of animals all over the world, that’s why we call it Feel Good Insurance. Read more on our Charity Support

What Types of Policy are Available for my Dog?

Animal Friends offers a wide range of dog insurance policies for anyone looking for high quality health cover at great rates. If you’re looking for great cover for your dog Animal Friends could be the perfect pet insurer for you.

Accident Basic Prime Prime + Superior Superior + Prestige
Lifetime Condition Limit Annual cover


Lifetime Cover


Lifetime Condition Limit £15k - - - Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Annual Condition Limit £2.5k £500 £2k £4k £2k £4k £6k
Annual Policy Limit - £3k £7k £10k - - -


Read about insurance for older dogs

We can insure your dog whether they are 2 years old, or 22 years old!


Key Benefits of Our Policies

  • Ethical pet insurance provider supporting animal welfare charities worldwide.
  • Wide range of policies to suit every budget.
  • Great value premiums, starting from £3.30 a month.
  • Both time-limited and lifetime policies available.
  • Comprehensive selection of benefits including public liability and theft.
  • 10% multi-pet discount.

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