Woman punished for killing puppy


Horrible news as it has come out that an 18 year old mother killed a puppy by hurling it at the floor, breaking its neck. This horrifying act has left the woman with a 5 year ban from keeping animals, a £200 fine and an 18 month supervision order to ensure nothing like it happens again.

The woman, who was reportedly overdue on her pregnancy, entered an argument with her boyfriend. After the heated row, the woman picked the three-month old puppy up from the settee where it apparently urinated, possibly after the loud argument. Then, in a fit of rage, the puppy was hurled ‘the length of a car’ at considerable force, enough to break its neck.The puppy then asphyxiated, after the sustained injuries proved too much for the poor dog to handle. The woman was said to cry in court after hearing how the dog died, supposedly upset that the animal had been killed, and wished the clock could be turned back.

Even though the woman has clearly expressed regret in this case, do you believe that the law is too lenient with people who abuse animals? Should we use a stronger punishment for those who abuse or torture animals? Do you believe that the woman in this case got off too lightly? Let us know in the comments.

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Hulia Hakki says:

Reading this brought tears to my eyes… I love animals so much that when reading about abusive vile humans maiming/killing animals it sickens me to the soul. This woman, irrelevant of being pregnant should have got a stronger sentence, preferably life, if it was a human she did this to she would have been done for murder! Her baby is most definitely not safe, if she can do this to a helpless tiny creature, what else is she capable fo doing….
The law toward abused animals is much too lenient, if the laws were changed and made much tougher, people would think twice about either owning pets or mistreating/killing them. I AM HORRIFIED! LOCK HER UP!!!

Joan says:

I am sickened to read what this woman did to her puppy. She should be banned from having any pets for life. She was cruel and took her anger out on the puppy (who more than likely wet the couch because it was frightened by the couple’s arguing). My dog is like my child, I love her. She has feelings and shows love and affection to me and unlike humans, dogs do not commit deliberate acts of cruelty. Their love is unconditional and they are a part of the family. I would go so far as to say that she is not fit to be a parent, because if she so easily vents her anger on a family pet, could she do the same to a baby?

Margaret Towler says:

The punishment is far too lenient.

Margaret Towler says:

There isn’t a good enough punishment for her. I’m not a violent person but anyone who could do that deserves to suffer a similar fate.

Trish says:

These people disgust me. Where in the world is it ok to hurl a living creature at the floor?
If this 18 year old is pregnant, I doubt she is educated well enough to have a job, let alone care for a puppy or child. Her intention was clearly to inflict pain (whether she meant to kill the puppy or not) this is not a mature adult who is able raise a child.
These people should be sentenced as if they had taken a human life. Animals feel pain, fear and many other emotions associated with humans, who is to say one murder is more punishable than another? I hope her conscience reminds her everyday of the horrific act she has committed.

moira flannery says:

id make punishments much harsher would make people think twice…they have no compassion to take out their rage on a innocent animal…

Rosie Franks says:

Life Ban, no “ifs” or “buts”. Also a Life Ban on any household where she is resident. There are too many loopholes. There was the horrifying recent case in Aberdeenshire where 2 brothers have received jail terms (thank goodness.. but still too short each being for only a matter of months, of which they will probably only serve half as there are no dogs to torture in the “Big House”) for cruelty and being involved in dog-fighting, but only a 5 year ban on keeping animals. This in spite of the fact that one of them had already received a fine and 3 years ban for cruelty in cutting parts of his do’s ears off. How can this NOT result in a Lifetime Ban for both of them. The sentencing guidelines really have to be taken out and the dust shaken out of them.

laraine says:

Hi believe the laws for animals cruelty are way too soft. If i hurled a baby acorss the otherside of the room and it died i would be in prison for a very long time. Should be the exact same sentence for any animal. They both feel the same pain and fear therefor should get the same sentence.

Karen McDowell says:

The law is far too lenient when it comes to cases like this. They should be made to suffer the way that the poor animals suffer!!!

Kellalco says:

I’m disgusted with this women and the pathetic outcome from the courts.. we NEED to punish people severly, not just give them a slap on the wrist and who’s to say she wouldn’t do that to her baby?? I hope she suffers for what she has done, vile women. I adore animals and would love to have a dog again but whilst I work full time I feel it’s not fair so to think she had such a beautiful little puppy which she so callously killed saddens me.. RIP little puppy x

irene says:

this sort of thing sickens me, i agree she should be watched very carefully when her baby is born, anyone who can do that to a defenceless animal has severe problems that need addressing immediately.

Emma says:

Her child should be monitored closely as there is a direct link between people who abuse animals and people who abuse children / people – it is disguisting she should heva been banned for life from keeping animals!

Tracy says:

This story sickened me. What a disgusting excuse for a human being. She should have been locked up and the child removed for it’s own safety, before she gets the opportunity to hurl that at the floor too. RIP poor little puppy :o (

nicola says:

omg how shocking she should be locked up how can a wee puppy of that age not be frightened by loud shouting poor wee sole if she can do that to an animal what can she do to her baby ive got 3 dogs and would dream of hurting them

Sherrie Thomson says:

Oh a 5 year ban and an 18 month supervision order….well woop e doo!! Never ceases to amaze me that the courts hand down the sentances they do for animal cruelty. What possesses someone to pick up an animal and throw it because its done something annoying. Psychiatric assesment would have been a good place to start, to see if she is fit to have a child. Bans on keeping animals are ineffective because someone can just say ‘its my partners dog’, its not a household ban.

Gemma says:

Why people like this only get a couple years being banned from keeping animals, is totally beyond me. If it’s violence in particular, it HAS to be a life ban, there should be no other consideration! I couldnt care less if she was pregnant and overdue, if she did that to an innocent quiet tiny pup, what’s not to say she’s gonna lose her rag when she has another fight with her partner which is probably inevitable, and hurt the child?!

The fine should be a few grand, chuck em on a gruesome animal cruelty awareness course to make them feel sick about themselves, and ban them for life. Jail is optional. And name and shame them, I think that’s another vital part that always gets passed over!

Heather Critchley says:

She is obviously mentally unstable and unfit to care for any living thing, she should be banned for life , made to do community service – NOT with animals just street cleaning or something, then her baby should be taken away and given to someone who knows how to look after it. No excuse for this! Poor little puppy must have been terrified.

Liana Roginsky says:

Yes. I really believe believe that the law is too lenient with people who abuse animals. It is absolutely neccesary to use a stronger punishment for those who abuse or torture animals.

amanda mills says:

this is an absolute disgrace. of course the law is far to leniant towards these dispicable human beings and the way they think they can treat animals. they do it as they know nothing happens to them apart from a crappy little fine and ban for a few years. if the law was laid down to these awful people and a proper sentencing etc etc maybe they would think twice about the way they treat these defensless animals

Viki Hughes says:

What would she have got had it been a 3 month old baby? she has issues and should be watched closely as an animal is a living thing and when taken into your home becomes family – we don’t treat family like that…… I don’t think that’s a strong enough punishment.

Lauren Easom says:

Yes i feel extreamly strongly that people who abuse animals should have much stronger punishments! If a woman were to do that to a child she would not have been let off so lightly so whats the differnce between a human baby and a puppy? Both defenceless.

Theres so much abuse against all animals that if the punishments were to be made greater than people would then think twice before they did such things.

julie butler says:

yes the penalty should be a lot higher, they should also have a life!! long ban on keeping animals… this woman pregnant or not, should be punished to the max, is she going to end up doing that to her baby in a fit of temper…..there is to much of this going on it sickens me.

Lisa says:

She should have been locked up and have her child taken from her.Anyone who abuses an animal is nothing but scum and should be removed from the country.


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