Poachers Plot to Steal Black Rhinos from UK

Black Rhino

We have just learned of some quite unbelievable news. It has come to our attention, via the wonderful David Apsinall Foundation, that poachers may be specifically targeting Black Rhinos that are looked after in the U.K. The David Aspinall Foundation is home to a host of the species that have been successfully bred there over the last few decades; in the last 7 years 33 rhinos have been bred. The foundation prides itself on releasing rhinos back into the wild in places such as Tanzania, where it is safe for them to live in peace.

They were astonished to receive a warning from the police that poachers are thought to be focussing their attention on the rhinos that currently live at the foundation’s two wildlife parks. Whilst poaching of the Black Rhino is rife in Africa, with the species being hunted to the brink of extinction, this plot to target rhinos cared for in the UK is believed to be the first of its kind.

The foundation is now actively recruiting volunteers to help stand guard over the animals. It is hoped that the increased presence of guards will deter any poachers from carrying out a raid. If you would like to apply to help protect these rhinos then email to info@aspinallfoundation.org

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