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A Happy Gelding’s Story – Introducing Hope Pastures

Hope Pastures

Hope Pastures horse and donkey sanctuary is a small rescue centre situated in North Leeds. With over 35 residents, it is expanding rapidly with the recession having a major impact on their intake. Hope Pastures rescue, rehabilitate and re home as many horses, ponies and donkeys as their capacity allows and they currently have over thirty horses out on loan to excellent, loving homes. Continue reading →

Introducing Brinsley Animal Rescue


Brinsley Animal Rescue was founded by Jon Beresford and partner Beth Hewis, who share a passion for animals. In 2007 they bought a 4 acre property in Brinsley, Nottingham where they started to take on unwanted farm animals and pets as well as wild animals. Continue reading →

Sam’s Story – By Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue


Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue is a charity established primarily to provide care and shelter for stray, neglected and unwanted German Shepherd dogs (also known as Alsatians or GSDs) by means of rescue and rehoming. We never destroy a healthy dog, believing that a kind and permanent home exists for every dog whatever their temperament or disability. We always carefully match dogs to their new homes as we believe this is the key to ensuring a long-term, happy, fulfilled relationship between dog and owner. Continue reading →


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