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Top 10 pets with social profiles

You can’t deny the social power of animals on the internet. Whether it’s LOLcats or funny dog videos the world is simply crazy for engaging and following fictional pets. In some cases animals have received more followers than major brands as the people behind these profiles meticulously spend their time managing and updating status’s engaging with their audiences.

Below are our top 10 social pet profiles.

Boo the dog

1) Boo the dog (6.1 million Facebook likes)

Boo the dog is possibly the cutest pooch on the internet, no wonder his Facebook fame has taken him over the 6million likes mark, that’s more likes than Burger King. Born on March 16th, 2006, Boo is a lovable Pomeranian puppy which thanks to his owner has had more photos than a Japanese tourists scrapbook. Continue reading →

Animal Friends’ Top 5 Pet Christmas Presents

croc bed

Croc Bed for Dogs

For those pet owners who wear crocs around the house or leave them lying about only for their dogs to chew them or hide them, the Sasquatch pet bed could be a great present. Designed in the style of a croc, this pet bed is made of soft  material that’s odour resistant and will keep your dog warm, comfy and happy. It is easily transportable meaning that you can take it with you if you go to visit friends and family and want to take your dog with you. Continue reading →

Cat Friend vs Dog Friend: A Human Interpretation

The relationship between humans and pets is one that is ever explored, discussed and enjoyed. But the question is what do you prefer, cats or dogs?

The above video illustrates the various traits that cats and dogs have via a furry showdown conveyed by humans and illustrates the interaction between them and their human owner. If our pets could talk what do you think they’d be saying? Continue reading →


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