National Pet Month: Win £500 to Spend on Your Pets


This April is National Pet Month, and we wouldn’t be animal lovers if we didn’t find some way to celebrate with our very own set of goodies – so we’re offering our lucky readers the chance to win a handsome £500 voucher to spend on toys and treats at!

Entry to the competition is very simple – we want to showcase the special relationships that animals have with the younger members of their family, so all we ask you to do is take a lovely picture of your child with their pet or pets. Send us your entry at, or tweet your picture to us at @FeelGoodPark by the 30th of April, using the hashtags #AFKidsPets and #nationalpetmonth to make sure everybody following the conversation can see your adorable photograph! (more…)

Draw a Bird Day


The story behind Draw a Bird Day

There is a good chance that you may not be aware that today happens to be Draw A Bird Day. To celebrate, we are running a just-for-fun contest on our Facebook and Twitter pages where you can submit your best drawing of a bird and we’ll share our favourites, and maybe even feature the best submissions on this very blog if you’re lucky!

For the uninitiated, here is the story behind this peculiar, heart-warming day. (more…)

Celebrate ‘Lookalike Day’ by Sharing a Selfie with Your Pet!


We’re well aware that most of you need no excuse to share a selfie. However, Easter Sunday this year also marks the return of everyone’s favourite awareness day, ‘Lookalike Day’!

Whereas this ‘interesting’ day usually involves people filling up social media with images of themselves made up to look like celebrities, this year we want to see how many of you think there is a resemblance between you and your pet.

On Lookalike Day (April 20th) we’ll be asking all of our fabulous followers on Facebook and Twitter to share a selfie that also includes your perfect pet and we’ll pick the entry that we think is the best as our ‘Petalike’ champion! To enter, all you need to do is share a picture of you and your pet using #PetAlike with us on Facebook or Twitter.

And if you have a friend who you think looks just like their pooch or kitty, give them a nudge to share their selfie too!

We can’t wait to see all of your wonderful entries…

The Animal Friends Pet Lookalike Champion is…


Here we have a collection of our favourite pet lookalike selfies that were sent in for ‘Lookalike Day’ on Sunday. Who knew that some owners really do look like their pets?! Thank you to everyone who took the time to take a lookalike selfie with their pet, here are our favourites, one being the wonderful entry from Cheryl Loney with her cavalier, sprocket, which can be seen above. (more…)

Happy International Guide Dog Day


Today is International Guide Dog Day, the day of the year where people get together to celebrate the fantastic way that guide dogs help the visually impaired through every facet of their lives.

However, a dog is not simply born a guide dog – there is a good deal of training to be done too. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association trains guide dogs for 20 months, before offering support for the seven years they’re in service before retirement – at a cost of around £50,000. Here is a quick overview of what a puppy has to do to become a guide dog: (more…)

Pet Pawtraits Competition: And the Winner is…


Earlier this month we challenged some of our favourite bloggers to strike a pose with their pet as part of our Pet Pawtraits competition, for the chance to win £200 to spend at Muddy Paws. We were bowled over by the entries we received, and we thought we’d show you what all the entrants came up with, before revealing the winning snap… (more…)

Dog Blood Donors; What About the Owners?

Vet examining a dog

A topic that I have been thinking of recently is that of owners signing up their pets as dog blood donors. I am seeing an increasing number of stories in the news that depict how a hero dog has saved another dog’s life by giving blood.

I recently read a story where an eight-year-old dog in America had been signed up as a blood donor from the age of one and since then has ‘given’ blood every six weeks (the timeframe recommended by the vet), meaning that he is giving the maximum amount of blood possible. Dogs can replenish their blood in about three weeks, so the six-weekly donation period allows for the dog in this story to give regularly without him suffering any negative health effects. As a result, it is estimated that the dog could have been responsible for saving between 122 – 224 dogs’ lives. (more…)

Adopting a nervous cat


As rescue centres across the country are facing a current influx of unwanted cats and kittens, many of the felines who find themselves in a centre are coming from unfortunate circumstances, often experiencing abandonment or abuse. As a result, many of the cats can find it hard to adjust and socialise in their new environment and can often display nervous behaviours and withdraw from human contact, making them a tricky case to re-home.

However, nervous cats are not a lost cause and can make fantastic feline companions. This is especially true in the case of my one-year-old rescue cat Pudding, who has completely turned around in the space of a month at her new home. Here is my experience of adopting a nervous cat and advice I would give to anybody considering doing the same. (more…)

Fireworks and pets

Bonfire night is a scary time for animals what with all of the loud noises and bright, flashing lights. We have created this infographic to help you when looking after your pet on Bonfire Night so that they can stay as happy and settled as possible.

Fireworks And Your Pets Infographic

Fireworks and Pets (PDF Download)

Keeping Your Pet Safe at Halloween

Keeping your pet safe at Halloween is something that is of the upmost importance. Whilst the night is a time of fun and frolics for most humans, many animals can be spooked by all of the bright lights and loud noises. There are quite a few dangers for pets during Halloween, more than you’d probably think. With that in mind we have created this infographic of Halloween pet safety tips.

Halloween and Pets Infographic

Halloween Bonfire Pets