Rehoming and Learning

After completing our £1 million challenge we here at Animal Friends wanted to find out a bit more about pet owners and the charities/rehoming centres that we have helped. To this end we recently carried out a survey taking a look into what it means to be a pet owner in this day and age. Part of the survey took a look at how many people had adopted or rescued their companion. Adopting a pet can be a great way of bringing an animal into your home and is something that should at the very least be considered.

We have produced an info-graphic entitled ‘Starting a Life with Cats & Dogs’ that looks at these statistics in more detail but in summary we found that although 87.2% of people said that they would or had considered adopting a pet in the past; only 43% had actually done so. This led me to think about the factors involved and why some people don’t feel adopting a pet is right for them.


Starting a Life with Cats and Dogs [INFOGRAPHIC]

We recently carried out a survey taking a look into what it means to be a pet owner in this day and age. Part of the survey took a look at how many people had adopted or rescued their companion and found that although 87.2% of people said that they would or had considered adopting a pet in the past; only 43% had actually done so. (more…)

Canine Toilet-Training Options

A topic that I have touched upon in the past but not explored fully is that of crate training a puppy. I have never crate trained a puppy and so I am curious, is it the best way, what does it actually help the puppy learn?

Crate training seems to be a very common practice for many owners these days with crates being sold in most pet supply shops. This kind of training is seen to provide dogs with a den-like space and teach them that this space is theirs for sleeping and relaxing in, the theory being that the pup will soon learn not to relieve itself in its own bed and personal space. (more…)

Mark IV Stealth Kitteh [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to domestic cats (stealth kittehs) their hunting abilities are very similar to those of big cats such as leopards or tigers. Whilst our cats maybe loving and friendly towards us owners, to their prey the stealth kitteh is a highly tuned animal that is to be feared and revered. With that in mind, we at Feel Good Park have got together to create this infographic that outlines the awesome attributes that the common domestic cat possesses. (more…)

Nature vs Nurture and Stereotyping Breeds

Many people today will automatically judge a breed of dog when seeing or walking past it just simply because it is a type of breed. Whilst some will class this as stereotyping, others will argue that it is a breed classification. But is it right for us as humans and dog owners to automatically jump to an assumption of a dog’s character purely based on their breed? (more…)

Is There Such a Thing as Small-Dog Syndrome?

Over the weekend I found myself becoming involved in a debate about whether there is such a thing as ‘small-dog syndrome’. There seems to be a stigma surrounding small dogs that depicts them as yappy, badly behaved canines that perhaps over react to bigger dogs around them and ‘rule the roost’ so to speak. This led me to think about why (over time) little dogs have received this label; is it maybe because they feel threatened and so overcompensate? Or is it to do with the way they are trained and treated by their owner? (more…)

Are The Laws Regarding Animal Abuse Tough Enough?

We have been having an on-going debate here at Animal Friends headquarters over the past few days regarding animal abuse/cruelty and the punishment that awaits anyone who commits such an offence.

My boss is looking into adopting a dog and through his research he has seen and met some poor dogs that have suffered abuse at the hands of their previous owner; one unlucky dog had taken an axe to the head but thankfully survived and is now looking for a new home. We started to talk about the fact that many psychologists and criminal profilers believe that harming or abusing an animal (particularly at a young age) is a sign that an individual could, in theory, inflict hurt, abuse or worse on another human being. With this in mind, I thought I would take a look into the current laws and punishments for abusing an animal. (more…)

Can Dogs Feel the Emotion of Guilt?

Over the last few weeks there has been an internet sensation known as ‘dog shaming’ that has come to prominence. Various blogs host pictures of pet dogs in situations where they have been caught doing something wrong and alongside them they have a written confession which provides a humorous insight to their guilty conscience. (more…)

Cremation; best for your pets?

When it comes to losing your pet, the last thing you want to do is think about getting rid of them so soon after losing them. This is an understandable feeling, but it is necessary to plan how you will go about handling your pet’s remains. If you haven’t yet considered it, perhaps a pet cremation is just the kind of thing you might wish to consider.

Many vets will offer to take care of your beloved pet once they have moved on, and sometimes it may seem like it will be easier to let them deal with it rather than take a look into the options for yourself. Although it may seem like an easier and painless option, it may do you good to have a strong part in choosing how and where your pet is taken once they have passed away. (more…)

Teacup Animals

Last night, ITV aired their documentary on the rising fashion of ‘teacup’ pets, and how their popularity has grown over the past few years. Helped by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, pets that can be carried around have become a fashion accessory for the masses, and Super Tiny Animals focussed on those people that have become fans and even entrepreneurs of the trend.

Unfortunately, the show took a very favourable approach to the topic, avoiding many of the health implications that accompany such miniaturisation through breeding. Instead, the first focal point centred around a store in Florida that supplied not only toy dogs for sale, but also accessories for those miniature pets. Whilst on the face of it, supplying to the fashion seems like a fantastic and niche marketing opportunity, the reality is almost bordering on abuse. (more…)