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6 Bears Saved from Illegal Bear Bile Farm in China – Animals Asia


We have received some absolutely brilliant news from Animals Asia, a charity that we hold dear to our hearts and have worked with for years. Six bears have been rescued by the Sichuan Forestry Department from an illegal bear-bile farm in the Sichuan province of China and are to be delivered to the Animals Asia bear sanctuary (the only one of its kind in China) this afternoon (Wednesday 9th January 2013).

The first thing that will happen is that the bears will be fed fruit to keep them calm and allow the vet to examine them. They’ll then be moved to the quarantine area and be given water and food before each having a more thorough health check. Following this, any medication and operation needed will be carried out and the bears will be moved into their new living quarters where there is a lot more room for them to explore. Continue reading →

Honey’s Story – By Turkish Animal Group


Turkish Animal Group is now run by a group of Volunteers including Karen Wren who opened the charity and we were granted U.K Registered Charity status in July 2012. We work tirelessly to feed and care for the many stray, neglected and abused street dogs and cats in Turkey, we transport them to and from the vets for treatment and neutering, we find foster for cats as the shelter is for dogs. This is Honey’s tale, a story that embodies the great work and dedication of the Turkish Animal Group.

We were contacted by a British lady who had been to Turkey for a Holiday. Distressed and upset by the way animals are treated in Turkey; Melanie searched the web and found us. She had visited Fethiye which is some 6-7hours car journey for us but after hearing her story we had to go and find Honey!

Melanie had been on a Jeep safari and described to us “There is a dog living in a bush, near a lake with a broken leg.” She told us the dog was very thin and unable to walk far and that she came out of the bushes when cars approached in the hope for something to eat! Nobody on the Safari Tour seemed to take any notice of the dog standing in front of them but Melanie promised herself she would get help on her return to the U.K. We decided to head there straight away on the 6+ hour Journey to Fethiye and start looking for Honey.

We did not know the area or where to start; it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

After Day 1 and no luck we decided to book into a cheap hotel and carry on the search the next day. The next day came and we decided to contact the Jeep Safari company who thought we were mad to care about the dog, so they were very unhelpful to say the least. Still, we were determined to find her, with the brief description Melanie gave us we never seemed to find this area.

Day 2 came and went after miles upon miles of searching and asking, so again we stayed in the hotel to give it another try the following day.

Day 3. We started our search at 7am, again miles upon miles of looking, walking through forest areas we came across a honey farm and stopped and asked the keepers there if they knew of such an area and to our utter amazement they said it sounded like a place not far from where we were. So, at 3.10pm in the afternoon we pulled into a deserted area with trees, bushes and a lake, which all seemed to match Melanie’s description.

We got out the car and searched, but no dog! We called and called and just as we were about to leave, Honey came out of a bush. She was very underweight and clearly had a broken leg! We named her Honey, after all, we found her thanks to the keepers at the honey farm.

So excited to see someone she came running to us, after a few pictures we got her into the car and headed straight to the nearest vet clinic. Here they told us Honey’s leg had been broken longer than 10 days and would have to be re-broken to correct it, the alternative would be to try a splint and injections for pain relief, she was also prescribed antibiotics for two 2 infection wounds and of course, plenty of rest.

We took Honey home and she stayed at Karen’s Apartment for 4 weeks resting and luckily the leg did repair itself. Honey joined our other dogs at the shelter and is still with us. She looks like a different dog now, full of life, healthy and looking for a home to call her own.

Dogs and New Year’s Resolutions


Every year we make a promise to ourselves in the form of a new year’s resolution; something that means we will adhere to a change to make in our lives. Such resolutions come in all shapes and sizes ranging from healthy lifestyle choices to financial improvements; my own personal resolution for 2013 is to get fit. This school of thought has led me to think about pets and the new year, what can a loving and responsible owner do to help improve a cat or dog’s life? I like to think that I do the best for my pet but what options are there for consideration?

The first thing that springs to mind is exercise; many people like me will be aiming to get fit this year and it can be a great idea to involve your dog if doing so. If you’d like to keep your dog fit whilst teaching them a new skill then there are a few dog-specific activities that you can do together. Obedience training can be great way to keep your dog fit and healthy whilst developing your relationship together. Once your dog has mastered the commands and is able to tackle a relatively easy obstacle course, then you will be able to move onto more advanced courses. Continue reading →


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