6 Reasons to Love Christmas with Pets

christmas with pets

We love our pets 365 days a year, but there’s something magical about Christmas time that makes us want to be with those who are special to us. Here are our top six reasons we love Christmas with pets. (more…)

7 Awesome Animal Videos


We all like to spend a little time watching animal videos on YouTube. Here are some of our favourites (click on the titles of the videos to visit them on YouTube). (more…)

8 Books about Animals

books about animals

Groucho Marx famously said, “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” We’ve put together a list of classic books about animals that anyone would be happy to see sticking out of their stocking. (more…)

9 Festive Food Swaps


Christmas always means a couple of weeks of overindulgence for ourselves and our pets. We gorge ourselves of gravy-soaked spuds and chipolata sausages and eventually find ourselves on the sofa with bulging bellies, feeling sleepy and over-stuffed. It’s all too easy to let our pets eat as much as us and snack on leftover Christmas dinner but this can lead to tummy upsets, weight gain or, in the worst cases, choking. Here’s a handy list of 9 Festive Food Swaps that you can tape to the fridge come Christmas Day. (more…)

10 Charity Gifts We’d Love to Give

charity gifts

Christmas is a time to celebrate the gift of giving. When you buy a charity gift you’re giving twice; once to the charity and once to the recipient of your thoughtful gift. With this in mind, we’ve put together a charity gifts guide of some of our favourite presents that you can buy to benefit animals this Christmas. (more…)

The Problem With Buying Pets as Presents

pets as presents

We all have friends or family members who dream of having a pet of their own. You might even have a child who begs for a puppy or kitten for Christmas. The idea of presenting someone with a fluffy little gift is certainly an appealing one, so what’s so wrong with giving pets as presents? (more…)

11 Fun Feline Facts


Here at Animal Friends we’re fans of cats of all sizes. We thought, as a little Christmas treat, we’d clue you in on some awesome cat facts! (more…)

12 Ways Your Dog Shows They Love You


Our dogs have a catalogue of ways they demonstrate their love and affection. Here’s a list of just some of the behaviours and quirks a dog exhibits when they’re letting you know that you’re special to them. (more…)

Gus the Cat’s First Pawpost Box


On Friday evening Asparagus, or Gus for short, met me at the door as per usual to greet me on my return from work. It became apparent rather quickly that it was not really me he was interested in, but the fishy smell coming from the box under my arm. Gus knew almost immediately the ‘Pawpost’ box was something for him! (more…)

Animal Friends Sponsors Animal Hero Awards

Fuzz's handler, PC Craig Calthorpe, receives his award from Elaine (left) and Ashley Roberts (right)

Last night the Daily Mirror held their Animal Hero Awards, hosted by animal-lover Amanda Holden. Animal Friends sponsored two awards, the Public Service Animal of the Year award, and the Lifetime Achievement award. (more…)