Speaking Your Pet’s Language

A flick of the tail, flattened ears, loud barking – most pet owners are familiar with these common behaviors, but what exactly, do they mean? To make it a little easier, we’ve come up with a cartoon demonstration for reading your cat and dog’s expressions. (more…)

Do You Need to be the Pack Leader?

I recently came across a thread on a dog forum that discussed whether dog owners really need to be the ‘pack leader’ in order to get the best out of their dog. For the last 50 years the majority of canine behaviour psychology has focussed upon the belief that an owner needs to be dominant and exert themselves as pack leader in order for their dog(s) to be well behaved; from my experience this isn’t so. (more…)

Easter – Why Pets Should Hop the Choc [infographic]

Cats and Dogs are naturally curious about the foods we eat, treats like Easter eggs can be all the more alluring with their exciting foil wrapping and interesting boxes. Its important to keep chocolate out of reach of pets; even the smallest amount can cause huge health risks to your beloved cat or dog. Below you can find our ‘Why Pets Should Hop the Choc’ Infographic which details the dangers of Chocolate and pets at Easter time. Feel free to share our graphic with your friends! (more…)

Are Dog Parks the Answer?

I had to unfortunately visit the vets last week with one of my dogs (Archie) and as I was at reception there was a petition against having to have your dog on a lead in a town park. This shocked me as although I love my dogs to run off the lead there are certain areas I will keep my dogs on leads for their own safety. Archie’s best friend is a rescued Patterdale Terrier called Frank, he is a lovely dog with people but can be very dog-aggressive, especially with larger dogs.

We have worked hard to introduce Archie to Frank and they have now been firm friends for 6 years, but it is very stressful out walking when people let their dogs run up to Frank, shouting “don’t worry my dog is fine”. I then start shouting “this one isn’t” while my friend is doing her best to control Frank and quite often the other dog then leaps in to attack back. (more…)

Coping With Pet Euthanasia

I was sat at the vets the other day when I had another one of my thoughts, how many people know what to do if it comes to having their dog put to sleep. I have had 4 dogs and each of them have been lost in slightly different circumstances. Even though as pet owners we know that there will probably be a time when we will have to make the decision to have our cat or dog put-down (especially as the chance of them passing in their sleep is rare), it is still a very hard thing to come to terms with. (more…)

Super-Furry Animals [Infographic]

Animals are amazing creatures and whilst they make great pets and companions, they are also heroes in their own right. This infographic from moneysupermarket.com shows some of the bravest animals in all the land. From dolphins that fend off sharks to an elephant carrying a girl to safety from the 2004 tsunami, this brilliant piece highlights just how beautiful the other inhabitants of planet earth can be and why we should not only respect them, but admire and cherish each every one of them. You never know, one day you may need their help rather than the other way round. (more…)

Are Working-Type Dogs the New ‘Scrap Metal’?

It’s been well documented that in recent years there has been a tremendous rise in the theft of working dog types. We were discussing the subject in the office and someone said to me it’s like these dogs are the new ‘scrap metal’ of a few years ago. We all laughed but the more I thought about the statement the more it made sense.

The website ‘Dog Lost’ reports that there were 3500 thefts of this type of dog in 2012. Criminals who are out to make a lot of money in a quick fashion have traditionally done so though scrap metal theft from any source possible to sell on. It was seen as easy pickings and was very difficult to prove and prosecute, it therefore required a lot of surveillance time which was very costly. The stealing of gun dogs seems to be carried out by such criminals with the same objective in mind; to sell the dogs on for a very high price. However, unlike scrap metal, dogs hold more than just financial value to their owners, meaning that families’ lives are being ruined by these thieves. (more…)

So Much Love, Not Enough Words [INFOGRAPHIC]

Valentine’s day is a time for celebrating the ones you love and who love you; who better to spoil and shower with attention than your pets? This infographic, entitled ‘So Much Love, Not Enough Words’ was inspired by you. 1,000 of our policyholders took part in a survey to form the heart-warming statistics found here whilst our over 100,000 strong Facebook page ‘Feel Good Park’ provided us with beautiful words to describe what their pet means to them.

Love is in the air and it’s all for our pets! (more…)

How Do We Know if Pets Are Overweight?

Today we have an excellent guest blog from Jo in our marketing department that poses the question; how do we know if our pets are overweight?

This weekend I took my nine year old border terrier to the vet’s for his annual MOT. While in there we started discussing his weight and I mentioned that I always watch what he eats and his exercise as I want him to be fit and healthy in his OAP years. I am very aware that just like people, dogs can quickly put on a few unwanted pounds, especially as they get older. Unfortunately it is currently estimated that 37% of cats and 35% of dogs are overweight.

Despite the amount of educational material out there my vet said that the number of dogs and cats they see that are overweight is still growing and most owners don’t even realise it. Overweight and obese dogs are much more likely to develop obesity-related health problems such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, arthritis, and even behavioural problems.  Border terriers have a life expectancy of approximately 15 plus years old and I think it is my responsibility to make sure I don’t do anything to his detriment that may affect this. (more…)

12 Pet Safe Tips of Christmas [INFOGRAPHIC]

The festive season is fast approaching and whilst it is a jolly time for all, it is important to watch out for potential dangers to pets. This infographic offers 12 pet safe tips to help keep your pets safe this Christmas as well the 6 ‘F’s; funky festive fun for furry friends.