Kitten-Proof Your Home

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Help to Make Your Home Safe for Kittens

Bringing home a kitten for the first time is very exciting and as your new friend starts to settle in you’ll need to be ready to keep them safe and happy. To help with this we have brought together some essential tips on how to kitten-proof your home so that you can ease any worries when your mischievous kitten goes exploring. Read on for in-depth tips. (more…)

The Life Cycle of Cats: Introducing Cat Month

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This month we’re going to be placing our focus on the wonderful and majestic animal that is the cat. Over the next few weeks we’ll take a look at the life cycle of a cat, from kitten, to adulthood and then old age. Using this structure we’ll aim to cover a wide range of subjects including specific care for each stage of the cycle, common health issues, changes in behaviour and ownership. (more…)

Taking Your Dog to the Beach

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When thinking about fun things to do with your dog during the summer why not consider taking them to the beach. Being creatures that are led by their keen sense of smell and hearing, the beach can provide dogs with an amazing day out full of interesting sights and sounds that they’ll absolutely love. Thousands of owners and their dogs flock to the beach every year and with this in mind we thought we’d take a look at some things to consider if you’re going to be taking your dog to the beach. (more…)

Looking After Senior Pets in Summer

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Summer is a wonderful time for nature with everything coming to life. This is perhaps the most exciting time of the year for cats and dogs as there are so many things for them to explore and enjoy. Senior pets are no different to younger pets in this regard and they’ll enjoy the sights and smells just as much as when they were younger. However, it is important to remember that older pets are at more risk during the hotter months and with that in mind we’ve pulled together a few tips to help keep your senior pets safe this summer. (more…)

Dogs and Cars: Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Lab in CarNow that July is upon us we’re going to be focusing on the topic of ‘Pets in Summer’, taking a look at a range of subjects and issues that affect pets and owners during one of the hottest months of the calendar year. An important part of this is pets and travel.

Something that we must discuss from the very off is dogs and cars. (more…)

Pets in Summer: How We Can Help Our Animals

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Now that July is upon us we’re going to be focusing on the topic of ‘Pets in Summer’, taking a look at a range of subjects and issues that affect pet owners during one of the hottest months of the calendar year.

There is so much to think about when talking about your pets this summer that it would be hard to take it all in at once. So we thought we’d break it down a little bit for you and space out all of the topics throughout the month. (more…)

The UK’s Attitude to Microchipping Revealed

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Lost or stolen pets, and should vets check? Our survey results are in!

Losing a pet is every owner’s nightmare, and since microchipping is intended to help lost pets be returned quickly and safely, you might assume it’d be one of the first things owners would do. But since vets don’t currently check pets for microchips when they’re admitted into their care, is chipping seen as the right thing to do?

Animal Friends recently carried out a survey of pet owners to find out more about who does and doesn’t microchip and why, and also to gauge the UK’s attitude to vets not routinely checking microchips. Here is a full run-down of our findings: (more…)

Animal Rights Awareness Week: And How We’re Helping

Animal Rights Awareness Week Article Part 1

Animal Rights Awareness Week is running from Thursday 19th June to Wednesday 25th June and here at Animal Friends we are always looking for ways to help animals in need. Animals are treated appallingly on a daily basis and it’s just not on, especially when they do not have the ability to stand up for themselves, vocally or physically. What gives humans the right to cause defenceless creatures pain and suffering?


Which Dog Breed is Most Popular in Your Country?

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Cats and Dogs have always been the apple of their owners’ eyes and with huge rapid growth in the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it was only a matter of time before our pets ruled the internet. Nowadays it is near-on impossible to log onto your social networks without seeing cute pictures of dogs, or funny videos of cats.

But what can all of this ‘sharing’, ‘liking’ and retweeting show us when it comes to owners and their pets? (more…)

Which Other Animated Animals Should Follow Danger Mouse Back on the Big Screen?


Anyone who has viewed our TV adverts featuring Girlie, Cracker and Chester will know we are ALL about animated animals here at Animal Friends. Understandably then, today’s news from the BBC that the cult-classic cartoon Danger Mouse will be returning to our screens in 2015 was met with cries of joy around our office. Inevitably, the conversation got on to which other classic animal cartoons should also be given a 21st century makeover, and here are a few of our better suggestions: (more…)