Mark IV Stealth Kitteh [INFOGRAPHIC]


When it comes to domestic cats (stealth kittehs) their hunting abilities are very similar to those of big cats such as leopards or tigers. Whilst our cats may be loving and friendly towards us owners, to their prey the stealth kitteh is a highly tuned animal that is to be feared and revered. With that in mind, we at Feel Good Park have got together to create this infographic that outlines the awesome attributes that the common domestic cat possesses.

The infographic comes in a variety of different wallpaper specifications so that you can download it no matter what size your screen is; there is even an iPhone wallpaper for those who want to take their Mark IV Stealth Kitteh on the move. Quick, alert and silent; the Stealth Kitteh’s exquisite senses should not be overlooked.

Mark IV Stealth Kitteh Infographic

Download full size here

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Stealth Kitteh Infographic

Stealth Kitteh Wallpapers

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