Feel Good Easter

Ooh, I just love Easter, don’t you? Girlie and I had a great time; we got out and about around the country to see all our animal welfare friends! We’re the Animal Friends mascots, so we’ve got the most important job of all – we make sure that charities are receiving their donations and that we’re spreading the feel good factor!

Our Easter game has been managing to do that all by itself though, as it has been played loads and loads. Everyone loves it, of course, because it’s so much fun – watching Girlie run about, panicking whilst trying to catch those eggs; it’s not often you get to see her rush, so it’s always fun for me to watch her get frustrated! In fact, it’s been played and shared so much that we were able to take a little break over the weekend.

If you play the game, you can share it with your friends and challenge them to beat your score! That also means people are more likely to hear about Animal Friends, which means more people can find out about our One Million pound challenge and help animal welfare charities all over the world. It doesn’t take any effort, and only a few minutes of your time can be really fun, especially since the game is really addictive and so challenging!

Easter was a great time for Girlie and I, but I had to remember not to try and steal all the chocolate – I know it’s not good for me but it smells so delicious! It’s a good thing Girlie can ignore my ‘puppy-dog’ eyes and never gives in to my pleas, or I’d be a very sick puppy! Remember to keep any foil wrappers or chocolate eggs well out of reach of your dogs, especially as it can be pretty irresistible to go sniffing around in those empty boxes!

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Hello! My name is Cracker and I'm a Feel Good mascot for Animal Friends! I like to travel round the world and help out animals where I can, but my favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is to play with my very best friend Girlie the Cat! Together we like to bring you news on worldwide animal welfare and how Animal Friends is making a difference.

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