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Difficult Decisions Regarding Your Pet’s Health

Dog and Owner

The news that television star Paul O’Grady has spent £8,000 on his beloved cairn terrier, Olga, has caused a wave of discussion throughout the UK. A known animal lover, Paul lost his shih tzu-bichon frisé cross, Buster, to cancer in 2009. So when Olga was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney and was given 18 months to live, Paul didn’t think twice about paying whatever was necessary for Olga’s surgery and chemotherapy.

There a few things to talk through regarding this news. Firstly, it is becoming more and more common for pet owners to spend more than usual on their pets who are a valued part of the family. A cat or dog can often be thought of as a child and it isn’t a surprise that we want to do everything in our power to give them a happy, healthy and comfortable life. I know that if my dog was to need veterinary care that I would go to great lengths to be able to afford to pay for the treatment needed. Continue reading →

Pet Obesity: Getting Your Cat into Shape

Fat Cat Blog

Pet obesity is one of the most prevalent health concerns for our pets. Whilst most dogs will go out for walks with their owners, cats tend to be left to their own devices. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more overweight cats than dogs, rather that there are different techniques and things you can put in place to help your cat lose weight and thus reduce the risk of health complications.

Volume of Food Intake

It can be hard to not over feed your cat. It is understandable to want to treat them and feed them lots; after all, you love them and want them to be happy. However, an overweight cat is more likely to suffer from heart or liver conditions and indeed will usually live a shorter life than that of a cat with a healthy weight. Vastly reducing the amount of food in your cat’s diet will make a change in both their overall health and weight. Continue reading →

Protect Your Cat – A Definitive Guide to Poisons in the Home & Garden

housework cat

Due to their curious disposition cats can sometimes ingest hazardous substances that are poisonous and potentially life-threatening. Whilst it is true that they will not eat almost anything (a personality trait common with dogs), their fastidious nature means that they will lick anything off of their coat when grooming themselves.

What Household Products Can Poison Cats?

  • Products used for cleaning including bleach, concentrated washing liquids/powders, disinfectants, polish and sprays.
  • Personal hygiene products including creams, deodorants and perfume.
  • Beauty products such as nail polish and remover, hair dye and suntan lotion.
  • Medicinal products for humans including antidepressants, aspirin, laxatives and paracetamol, which is actually very dangerous for cats.
  • Products used for decorating the house such as paint, paint remover, varnish, wood preservatives and white spirit.
  • Vehicle supplies including antifreeze, brake fluid, de-icers, petrol and screen washes.
  • There are many other things around the house that can be poisonous for your pet so it is important to be as vigilant as possible and aware of what you are leaving out.
  • Pesticides such as insect killers (insecticides), slug pellets (molluscicides) and rat/mouse killers (rodenticides); when it comes to pesticides, rodenticides are the most common cause of poisoning in cats. Continue reading →

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