Cat Cruelty Caught on CCTV

Featured in news today are the sickening images depicting a serious lack of regard for animal welfare and intolerable cruelty to animals. A video, recorded via CCTV on an estate in Kent, shows a young man ‘dancing’ down the street, a cat in his hand held by the tail as he spins and swings the poor animal around.

Treating the animal like some kind of toy, he goes down the street before turning and heading up another road. Other members of the public pass him by, and some attempt to stop his cruelty towards the cat but are seen to fail. Whether or not these passers-by are acquainted with the man is uncertain, but it is clear to see that they are unsettled by his treatment of the animal. He leaves the frame of the camera but makes no sign of stopping his actions.

The RSPCA and police are working together to try and bring this man to justice, hoping that members of the public will recognise the man from the video and put his name forwards. Such a violent and nasty attack on a cat has obviously upset both the cat and its owner, and we hope that the offender can be found before more animals suffer.

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