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Animal Friends reaches a new milestone!

Today we are especially proud and happy to announce that we have reached the 200,000 policy holders mark, an achievement that we are all very excited about. Just one year ago we had reached our 100,000 mark, which had taken us around ten years to attain – to make the same increase in just over a year is a fantastic achievement. Considering the current recession, we have everyone that supports us to thank for spreading the knowledge of our ‘feel good’ insurance.

We feel that the reason for this growth is thanks to our wide range of policies to choose from, our specialist approach to pet insurance, and the online community we have created in Feel Good Park, a place where pet and animal lovers can come to share stories and photos whilst receiving updates on our latest charity and company news. We also focus on sharing the news of the many charity projects that we help out and are involved in around the world, letting you stay up-to-date with our donation totals and who we’ve helped. Continue reading →

Pet Insurance Keywords: Theft and Straying

When it comes to your pet, nothing can be more distressing than the thought of having it struck down with illness or go missing. Animal Friends Insurance understands the bond between owner and pet and also understand that insurance should provide more than just cover for veterinary fees, which is why your policy benefits from Animal Friends will always go that little bit further.

With Animal Friends’ Theft and Straying cover, you can be sure to get the very best in protection when it comes to the theft of your pet, or if your pet goes missing under their own volition. Our policy benefits will cover the costs of offering a reward as well as advertising for their return and in the unlikely event that your dog is unreturned within 45 days we will also cover you for the market price of your pet taking into account the age, breed and condition.

If your pet is stolen or lost, we understand that you can be put under an intense amount of stress during this period – this is why we will always provide helpful, friendly staff on our phone lines that are understanding and here to help you every step of the way.

If you think that you want insurance that goes just that little bit further, then get a quote from Animal Friends Insurance today and see what we can do for you at

Doctors pledge to stop prescribing bear-bile medicine

Animal Friends have been proud supporters of Animal Asia and their efforts to raise awareness of the plight of the Moon Bears in Asia. These Asiatic bears have been prisoners of commerce, locked up and kept in cramped conditions as cruel ‘entrepreneurs’ harvest their bile to sell on the medicine market.

Asiatic Bear at a zoo

The bears are stacked in ‘crush’ cages in something similar to a battery farm, where they live out their days as a ‘cash crop’, being farmed up to twice daily for their bile. The bears are a vulnerable species and the continuing trend of keeping a bear in captivity will only serve to drive down the numbers of these bears left in the wild, especially as those that would harvest their bile will continue to poach younger bears from the wild for use in their crush farms. Continue reading →


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