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Animal Friends’ Cracker and Girlie Visit Majorca

Hello there everyone. I am awfully sorry to say that it has been quite a while since I last wrote a post for our blog. The last little adventure that I wrote about was when Cracker and I visited Normandy for the D-Day remembrance celebrations. Since then we have left Animal Friends Insurance HQ to go off on our holidays in Majorca where we had an absolutely splendid time.

Upon arriving to the sunny island we hastily checked in to our pet hotel and headed straight to the beach. The weather was absolutely scorching and so it was potentially quite dangerous for us. Cracker just wanted to run about in the sand, chasing the volleyballs and splashing in the water, without a thought about the threat of the sun. So it was left to me, as always, to be the sensible one and set up camp for the day. I put up two humongous parasols so that we had plenty of shade and made sure that we had plenty of water. Continue reading →

Paws For Thought


Hello everyone. You might have noticed that Cracker and I have not been blogging for these past few weeks. However, do not fret as it has been for a very good reason. We have been mapping out our summer holidays!

Cracker has been running around bursting with excitement just thinking about some of the adventures we are going to be going on. I, on the other hand, have been relaxing and getting lots of beauty sleep so that I am looking my absolute, beautiful best. We can’t have me going on adventures and visiting public places looking shabby now can we? Next stop organising transport and passports and we will be good to go.

I must shoot off as I am going to plan and prepare for my first adventure; Cracker is taking me to London, to listen to a music recital. It is going to be wonderful to experience some culture during the Jubilee weekend. Ciao for now!

Ask Cracker and Girlie

Hello everyone. I haven’t blogged in a while as Cracker and I have been busy brushing up on our knowledge about the health and behaviour of cats and dogs. Of course, being the wonderful cat that I am I already knew quite a lot but Cracker had to learn a few things; silly dog. Suffice to say, he is fully up to speed now.

The reason we have been fine tuning our know-how is because we have a newly-added ‘Ask Cracker and Girlie’ section on the blog. As mascots for Animal Friends Insurance we receive all sorts of questions from pet owners about their furry companions ranging from minor health queries to major behavioural issues and so both Cracker and I have created this page in the hope that we can help.

If you have a question for us or would like to see some of the questions and answers already posted then you can head to the new section here. That’s all from me for now folks but I’ll be back next week with a little update on what myself and Cracker have been up to. Au Revoir.


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