Animal Friends’ Top 5 Moon Bear Pictures

It’s Moon Bear Awareness week here at Animal Friends Insurance, and we want to get everyone involved! The Moon Bears are suffering, subject to painful practices all for the commercial value of their bile. Animal Friends wants the world to remember that bears are animals, not medicine dispensers, and should never be treated this way. With that in mind, we’ve picked our 5 favourite Moon Bear pictures for this week to help remind people that the Moon Bears should not be kept caged.

Number 5: The ‘Yawner’

Number 4: Lazy bear days

Number 3: ‘Is this my good side?’

Number 2: Let sleeping bears lie

Number 1: ‘Look, no hands!’

If you want to read more about the Moon Bears and help Animal Friends raise awareness of the suffering that thousands of Moon Bears are put through each day by greedy businessmen, visit our Causes page here and pledge your support!

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