An Update From Girlie The Cat

Hello everyone. It has certainly been very hot these past few days hasn’t it?! Fresh from the release of mine and Cracker’s online Easter game we decided to go to the beach yesterday. I made sure that we took a parasol to stick in the sand and keep us cool as well as pet-safe sun cream. I also took along some towels because whilst Cracker might be able to go and swim in the sea all day and then simply shake himself off, I am not so lucky and need to dry myself properly.

Now since the release of our TV advert back in January we have steadily become more and more famous, with a few people here and there recognising either myself or Cracker. However, since the release of our very own online computer game we have been getting recognised all the time. I must say that I am loving all of the attention but Cracker doesn’t seem to even notice. I wore my sunglasses and a sophisticated hat to disguise myself and keep me protected from the sun and it seemed to help.

Both Cracker and I are hoping that this lovely weather continues during the Easter holidays. We just love Easter, although we are very careful with what we eat. There is a lot of human chocolate around during this time that is very dangerous if ingested by dogs. Now although Cracker knows that he shouldn’t eat it, he is not the brightest and just can’t help but eat anything that smells and tastes delicious. So be wise and keep your chocolate hidden away and out of reach this Easter. I hope you all have an eggcellent holiday (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) and I’ll continuing writing these blogs for you to read.

Oh, one more thing before I sign-off, our Sales department will be open on Good Friday (6th March) and Easter Monday (9th March) with the working hours of 9am – 4pm for all those wanting to purchase cheap pet insurance.

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Hello! My name is Girlie and I'm a Feel Good mascot for Animal Friends! I love to travel round the world and help out animals where I can, but my favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is to relax with my good friend Cracker the Dog. Together we like to bring you news on worldwide animal welfare and how Animal Friends is making a difference.

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