IFAW Honours Bravery From Animal World

Charlotte and Dog

Yesterday I went to the IFAW Awards, hosted in the Cholmondeley Room at the House of Lords. The Awards celebrated the achievements and actions of fantastic animal lovers in the UK. Among all of the human recipients of awards for their amazing efforts, we sponsored the award for Animal of the Year. (more…)

The Dangerous Dogs Act: What has Changed?


In 1991 the UK government passed a piece of legislation called The Dangerous Dogs Act. The act was brought into place to try and help reassure a worried public after a spate of dog attacks, particularly involving children. The Act made it illegal to breed or own a Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino or Filo Brasiliero without specific exemption from the court. (more…)

Animal Friends Visits Dogs Trust Salisbury

Dogs Trust

On Tuesday 7th October two Animal Friends Pet Insurance employees headed over to Dogs Trust in Salisbury to present a cheque for £1,000 and to learn a little more about the work that goes on at the rescue. (more…)

Are Dogs Like Their Owners?

Girl with dog

A question that is often discussed throughout the canine world is ‘are dogs like their owners?’ You’ll often hear people say that dogs take after their owners. It’s difficult to disagree with this in my house; you’ll often find my dad asleep on the sofa of an evening with Buffy the Labrador lying upside-down on the floor next to him, both snoring like a pair of chainsaws. The debate really lies in whether dogs simply mimic their human family or if it’s a little more complex than that. (more…)

Guilty Dogs: Can Canines Feel True Guilt?

Guilty Dog

You’d be hard pressed to find a dog owner who doesn’t believe that their dog is an emotional animal. Though we can’t communicate verbally, there are physical cues that make us aware of what our pet is feeling: a wagging tail when they are happy or excited, a baleful look when they are gloomy or a head on the lap when they’re feeling loveable. (more…)

Dog Mess and Irresponsible Owners

dealing with dog mess some novel approaches

For the third week in a row I have found myself stepping in dog mess and I can’t begin to talk about my frustrations with this bugbear. Whilst I am fully aware that there are far more urgent and greater issues going on throughout the world, my job is to talk about those in the pet world, and for me, dog owners who do not clear up after their pet are just plain irresponsible.

I believe that part of what it takes to be a good dog owner is consideration; we should have it for our own dogs, other people’s dogs and for each other. Believe it or not the great outdoors is not our dogs’ private toilet and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Granted, I am quite clumsy and don’t have the best spatial awareness, but that shouldn’t mean that I am punished by stepping into dog mess three weekends on-the-trot. (more…)

Man’s Best Friend: An Introduction to ‘Dog Month’

Dog & Woman

It seems that not a day goes by without a story concerning dogs appearing in the news, they are a constant thought in the media’s mind and it is no wonder, after all they are man’s best friend, and you’d be hard pushed to find an animal that is more loyal to us humans.

Just this week there have been some canine stories of note from around the world. In India a local animal rescue centre went to great lengths to save a dog covered in tar and frozen in place after he fell into a hot tar pit. The team had to remove the tar very slowly using vegetable oil, which took up to 3 hours over the space of two days as the dog was clearly in pain. (more…)

‘Animal Welfare Month’ Recap and Resource Hub

Over September we were looking at issues that concern the animals across the world for our Animal Welfare Month. We’ve explored our oceans, jungles, islands and ice caps as well as examining welfare issues affecting animals closer to home.

There were a lot of animal welfare stories in the news over the course of the month. The Badger Cull’s second phase started, despite fierce opposition and the abject failure of the first attempt. Last month also saw the tragic fire at the Manchester Dogs’ Home. Animal Friends Pet Insurance (along with thousands of others) donated to help get the shelter back on its feet, though it is little consolation for the volunteers and employees who know the canine victims of this senseless crime.

Though September was our official Animal Welfare Month, animal welfare is at the heart of what we do. To read more about some of the news stories and issues mentioned above click some of the links below!

Are laws regarding animal abuse tough enough?

Behind bars

We have been having an ongoing debate here at Animal Friends Pet Insurance headquarters over the past few days regarding animal abuse and the punishment that awaits anyone who commits such an offence.

A member of our staff is looking into adopting a dog and through his research he has seen and met some poor dogs that have suffered abuse at the hands of their previous owner; one unlucky dog had taken an axe to the head but thankfully survived and is now looking for a new home. We started to talk about the fact that many psychologists and criminal profilers believe that harming or abusing an animal (particularly at a young age) is a sign that an individual could, in theory, inflict hurt, abuse or worse on another human being. With this in mind, I thought I would take a look into the current laws and punishments for abusing an animal. (more…)

The Cost of Owning a Pet

Animal Rights Awareness Week Article Part 1

Throughout September we are running ‘Animal Welfare Month’ and placing our focus upon topics such as endangered species, animal welfare charities and environmental issues that affect billions of animals around the world. Owning and raising an animal is something that falls under the label of animal welfare and we thought we’d take a look at the cost of owning a pet. (more…)