National Puppy Day: Wendy and Hugo


To celebrate National Puppy Day, we asked staff member Wendy all about her brand new puppy Hugo, a beautiful Husky and Pointer cross. He was collected from Dogs Trust just over a week ago, and has been settling into his new home with Wendy and her family very well by amusing them with his mischievous antics, and demonstrating how loving he is. (more…)

National Puppy Day


Today is National Puppy Day so to celebrate, here are some interesting facts you may not know about puppies: (more…)

Red Nose Day 2015


As today is Red Nose Day we’re getting into the spirit of things here at Animal Friends. We held a number of competitions to be “funny for money” and raise some sorely-needed funds for Comic Relief and the incredible work they do. (more…)

British Hen Welfare Trust


This year, British Hen Welfare Trust celebrates their tenth year. The charity has been finding homes for retired commercial laying hens since 2005, saving them from slaughter and rehoming them to loving families. The charity was involved in the Animal Friends Facebook competition last year, so we caught up with them to find out where the money went, and what they have up their sleeves for 2015. (more…)

Animal Friends is a ‘Company to Inspire Britain’


For the past two years the London Stock Exchange has published a report named ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ which celebrates the most dynamic, innovative and fastest-growing small and mid-sized UK companies. We are delighted to report than Animal Friends was named as one of them. (more…)

National Napping Day


Today is National Napping Day, so here are some interesting facts about sleeping animals: (more…)

Harvey’s Law is Debated in Parliament

Harvey's law

Yesterday Harvey’s Law was debated in Parliament. For the uninitiated Harvey’s Law was a petition largely directed at the Highways Agency, compelling them to scan canine remains for microchips. The Transport Minister, John Hayes, announced that he has told the Highways Agency that he “expects” them to do all that is practical to identify pets killed on the road. (more…)

Introduction to March


It’s March, which means Easter is around the corner and Lent is already here! The third month of the year signals the end of winter, and with January feeling quite distant now, you may have let those New Year’s resolutions slip slightly. This might include any you had pledged for your pet, but Lent is perfect for getting back on track. As well as using this time to give up your own bad habits, why not help your pet to give up theirs as well? (more…)

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day


Today is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, though I’m sure most dogs don’t need much of an excuse to appreciate a snack or three!

We all know that having a treat now and again is harmless, and can just be a nice little way to improve your day. A square of chocolate or the odd packet of crisps is not going to do us any damage as long as we balance it out with the rest of our nutrition and make sure we don’t overindulge, right? Well, it’s the same with our pets. (more…)

Animal Friends Donates £6,000 to Help Felix the Foal


Animal Friends Pet Insurance is making a donation of £6,000 to Horse World to help them care for Felix, a foal found abandoned on private land in tragic circumstances. The donation means that Horse World have now smashed their initial fundraising target of £10,000. (more…)