International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day


Today is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, though I’m sure most dogs don’t need much of an excuse to appreciate a snack or three!

We all know that having a treat now and again is harmless, and can just be a nice little way to improve your day. A square of chocolate or the odd packet of crisps is not going to do us any damage as long as we balance it out with the rest of our nutrition and make sure we don’t overindulge, right? Well, it’s the same with our pets. (more…)

Animal Friends Donates £6,000 to Help Felix the Foal


Animal Friends Pet Insurance is making a donation of £6,000 to Horse World to help them care for Felix, a foal found abandoned on private land in tragic circumstances. The donation means that Horse World have now smashed their initial fundraising target of £10,000. (more…)

Happy Love Your Pet Day!


Most owners don’t need a special day to be reminded how much they adore their furry friends. But, as today is Love Your Pet Day, we asked some of our staff here at Animal Friends to tell us what they love about their pets. (more…)

Random Acts of Kindness Day

random acts of kindness

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and to celebrate we thought we’d propose a couple of ways that you can show your pets, wild animals and other pet owners a few small gestures of consideration. (more…)

Pet-friendly Pancakes


It’s that time of year again and many of us are looking forward to having pancakes! Maybe you had yours for breakfast with maple syrup and bacon, or perhaps you’re having yours for tea with lemon juice and a little sprinkling of sugar.

However you like yours, the usual pancake recipe with milk and white flour isn’t ideal for our pets. But, with some clever substitutions you can make gluten and dairy-free pet-friendly pancakes that your furry friend will love! (more…)

Ways You Can Show You Love Your Pet

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and why not factor your pet into the celebrations? They love you unconditionally, so here are a few ways you can show your pet you love them. (more…)

Blame Someone Else Day


The first Friday the 13th of every year is known as Blame Someone Else Day. This event is attributed to a an American woman called Anne Moeller whose alarm clock failed to go off on the first Friday the 13th in 1982, setting off a series of unfortunate events for which she blamed other people. Perhaps it’s a slightly silly day but as pet owners I’m sure there’s been the odd occasion where we’ve blamed our four-legged friends for something we’ve done. We asked Animal Friends staff what they had let their pets take the rap for and this is what they had to confess. (more…)

Happy Make a Friend Day!


Today is Make a Friend Day, so we thought we’d put together a fool-proof guide to helping your pet make new animal friends. Whether you’re getting a new cat, or you just want your dog to have a new play partner, here is a quick method to help you through the process. (more…)

Which Pets can be Microchipped?


Microchipping is usually associated with dogs and cats, yet many people don’t realise that other animals can also benefit from the procedure. Although it will be compulsory for dogs to be microchipped in England from 2016 onwards, any pet is at risk of going missing, and you never know what may happen. Here is a list of some of the many domestic animals that can be microchipped: (more…)

Animal Friends Donates £25,000 To The RSPCA


The West Hatch branch of the RSPCA care for an array of wildlife including owls, deer, seabirds, badgers and seals. The branch is currently struggling with the unprecedented number of seals that have come in for care this winter. This is after a private rehabilitation facility in Wales recently shut down. (more…)