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Feel Good Park

What is the ‘Feel Good Factor’?

Here at Animal Friends we believe in utilising Feel Good Factor to the max! It’s a way of thinking and acting, helping animals and pet owners around the world through charity and insurance to ensure a better lifestyle for all animals. We thoroughly endorse charity that aids all animals; wild, domestic and working animals are often in need all around the world, so we endeavour to ease their suffering and financially aid the selfless carers who use their own time to help, often without pay or thanks.

Animal Friends understands that, without financial donations, these charities can run out of funds and unfortunately stop being able to look after the many animals that become dependent on the workers. We try to donate to as many charities as possible to ensure care is spread throughout the world so that people can continue spreading the Feel Good Factor.

We Donate to Charity for You.

Animal Friends helps you share your own Feel Good Factor – by taking out pet insurance with us, you can be assured that large amounts of our profits will be donated to animal charities around the world; you don’t have to donate directly, but know that the money will help a worthy cause. Not to mention that you will have insured your pet against accident and illness with some of the lowest monthly premiums in the UK for pets of any age.

Not only that, but recommend us to your friends, and for each policy they take out with us, we promise to donate £5 to an animal charity of your choice – the more you recommend, the more we’ll end up donating, meaning your Feel Good Factor can travel all over the world helping those much less fortunate than your own pets.

Our Animal Charities.

We’ve worked with many animal charities in the past, from donkey and horse charities, to wild animals in Africa and domestic pet charities in the UK too. We believe that if aid, no matter how big or small, will help the animals directly and improve their standards of life even a little bit, then it is worthwhile.

Other Ways to Get Involved and ‘Feel Good’.

Charity work isn’t all we do – Animal Friends is also committed to bringing you educative and informative articles to help with the care of your family pets. You can get involved by reading, commenting and contributing towards these, or even by asking us to write specific articles about the questions you want answered. The best way to do this is to visit our Facebook page, Feel Good Park, and click the ‘Like’ button at the top of the page; leave a comment on our wall, or even a picture of you and a pet, and help us share the Feel Good Factor!

We run competitions from our Facebook and Twitter pages, upload videos to our YouTube channel, and even have some promotional giveaways on occasion, so check-in when you can to see how we can make you Feel Good!